Its Perilous, not Perolous

When you hear the National Anthem 72 times during the course of a season, there are a few things that inevitably find their way under your skin.  The first is those singers who treat the National Anthem like an American Idol audition and carry out every note to show their “range,” thereby increasing the length of the song from its intended minute and a half to an excruciating five minutes.  It’s reminiscent of the classic Dancin’ Homer episode of the Simpsons where Bleeding Gums Murphy is singing the National Anthem at a Springfield Isotopes contest and a clock behind him reads 6:45.   As he continues through the song, the scene shifts to the Simpsons sitting slumped in their setas in left field bleachers before finally Bleeding Gums wraps up the song as the clock behind tolls 7:00.  Nothing can zap the energy from a crowd like a long National Anthem. 

The second, and granted this is pretty nit-picky, is people’s insistence on singing about the “per-OL-ous” fight instead of the “per-IL-ous” fight.  In the history of mankind, nothing has ever been in “perol.” 

With those two valuable nuggets of information, the Isotopes invite all of those interested in singing the National Anthem to come to Isotopes Park this Saturday, March 14 for open tryouts.  There is no need to reserve a spot, just show up to the park beginning at 10:00 AM and check-in.  Anthem auditions begin at 11:00 AM and will last until 1:00 PM.  

The auditions are part of a big day at Isotopes Park that includes an Open House complete with guided tours of the ballpark, a Select-A-Seat where prospective season ticket and mini-plan holders can literally pick their seat for the upcoming season, and the official on-sale of individual game tickets.  Everything starts at 10:00 AM and fans can buy tickets at the Isotopes Park Box Office, at Ticketmaster outlets, by phone with Ticketmaster at 1-800-745-3000, or on-line at, or   For the big dates (Opening Day, July 3, etc.) it’s a good idea to get tickets Saturday or else you’ll be in “peril” of missing out on all the great fun this year.



    That’s one thing that really ticks me off……when people say “cracker jacks” in the song. I have yet to hear anyone sing the song right. I guess I’m just a baseball purist. I probably couldn’t sit through a National Anthem audition. I think it’s a beautiful song, but to hear it sung that that many times in an hour would just be torture. I’m also looking forward to buying some cool merchandise at the Isotopes Shop.

  2. crzblue2

    Well I always sing like this “Buy me some peanuts and Dodger Dogs!”. That reminds me when I went to San Francisco for the Fan Fest during the All-Star two years ago, my friend and I got booed when we sang it that way. We have the CD as it was the 100 year anniversary of “Take me out to the Ballgame”. good times, good times.

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