Hu, That’s Who

While it’s still way too early to draw any sort of conclusions about the 2009 Albuquerque Isotopes, a couple of things are starting to become evident.   The first is that offensively, this team is as good as advertised (last night’s 9-0 shutout notwithstanding).  Jason Repko is knocking the cover off the ball right now, as is Xavier Paul, but the most exciting player out of the gate on this year’s team may be Chin-Lung Hu.  Not only is he a spark at the plate, but his defense at shortstop so far this season has been superb.  He’s also almost instantaneously become a favorite of ‘Topes fans, who chant “HUUUUUUUU” loudly at any and every opportunity.  It always seems to take a few games for fans to get to know the players from year-to-year, but it’s great to see Isotopes fans take an immediate liking to this year’s group.  

In addition to being Easter Sunday, today is also the first of 11 “Dodger Blue” Sundays, where the Isotopes will don their special Dodger Blue hats and jerseys.  Having seen the jerseys hanging in the clubhouse, it’s safe to say the sight of the Isotopes in them on the field is going to be impressive.  

We’ve gotten a few e-mails asking about Isotopes Game Notes and if they would be available on-line, as they were on the old site.  After trying to figure out a good place to put them that would be easily found and accessed, it quickly became clear that probably the best place for them is right here on the Tattler.   So from now on, daily game notes will be posted here.  To get you caught up, here are the notes for the first four games: 







    The affiliation may change, but the results remain the same. This team is no different than the Isotopes of old. There are fan favorites, but the size of the crowds (post-Opening Day), the prices of concession food and novelties, and the level of play on the field seem to be the same. The only difference I see is that more people are wearing LA gear instead of Isotopes gear. I wonder what would happen if they changed the team name back to the “Dukes” instead of “Isotopes”.
    The Dodgers are spending a lot of money here and promoting ABQ as “Dodgertown”, which is far more than the Marlins ever did, but has anything changed from the fans’ perspective? I see less advertisement (Bop the Bunny, Hit A Homer, etc. are gone), less attractive promotions on the field (minus the addition of the salsa bottle in the race), and yet more demand for your dollar in a time of recession.
    If the Isotopes truly want to get baseball fans back into the stadium, they need to reduce their prices on their less-than-fulfilling food, their exaggerated-priced merchandise, and return to $5 berm tickets, not to mention allowing young fans less than 5 to come in free with a paid adult ticket. It’s obvious that those running the show are more interested in making a few dollars than simply enjoying the sport and love of baseball.
    I look forward to a time when kids are able to come to the game, know the players, support the team, not just the franchise, and have baseball return to being the number one sport in America.


    I think the reason why you don’t see too many advertisments is because it costs money, and with the way the ecomony is, you have to look out for your best interests. Either way I still think Isotopes park looks great. I would be really disappointed if they changed the name from Isotopes to Dukes because it’s a household name and it’s a money maker. Speaking of money, I do agree that hiking up the ticket prices is a slap in the face as well as the cost of merchandise. I wish more people would take advantage of the free tickets by turning in 2 Poweraide labels. People will still come to the games either way. It’s going to be difficult for baseball to become America’s number one game becasue there’s so many guys on steroids and performance enhancing drugs. If MLB can clean up its act, then I think baseball will move up.

  3. oldbrooklynfan

    Wow it took me a while to get on this blog, the last couple of days.
    Now that I’m back, I just want to repeat that this could be a new experience for me. I generally follow a player until he’s sent down and then I hardly read anything about him until he returns, if ever, to the major leagues.
    So even if I don’t comment I’m reading to keep up with things.

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