Loaded Lineup

One of the coolest things about the Isotopes right now is seeing how the lineup will turn out for that day’s game. This is because the ‘Topes sport one of the deepest offenses ever with plenty off pop in the one through eight and then some where the bench is concerned.

Starting with Albuquerque’s outfield, there are four remarkable fielders and sluggers available. Dee Brown, who has batted at or above .300 over the majority of the season, is always reliable in the heart of the order. Mitch Jones lead the league in home runs and the team in RBI, and, when paired back-to-back with Brown, can produce some instant runs. In addition to occupying the Dodgers 40-man roster, Jamie Hoffmann and Jason Repko provide defensive reliability, each covering the immense outfields of Isotopes Park in stellar fashion.
Around the horn, Albuquerque can count on Blake DeWitt and Chin-Lung Hu up the middle with DeWitt serving as a versatile fielder occasionally manning the hot corner. Hu and Dewitt have paired up to go 13-for-31 in catalyst roles over the past five games with a combined six RBI. Brett Harper and Hector Luna are both options at first with catcher J.D. Closser in the mix as well. Throw in speedy Luis Maza and Sergio Garcia, who has played all infield positions this season, at the infield options are phenomenal!
While all the options can’t be inserted into the lineup every day, the roles of those on the bench are just as important, especially since it is safe to say any ‘Tope of the bench is dependable.
Needless to say, the Isotopes have all the depth a team would want at this point in the season as they make the playoff push and display some of the best up-and-coming talent in baseball. These ‘Topes could not only be crucial in making Albuquerque’s post-season thrilling, but could be playmakers in September with the Dodgers as several of them have the potential to get call-ups when the Dodgers deepen their team in pursuit of the World Series.

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