Why The Change In Parking Procedures?

In 2010, the Albuquerque Isotopes will be enacting new parking procedures consistent with those used at the University of New Mexico for football and men’s basketball games where fans will be charged a $5 fee for cars with three for fewer people in them.  Parking will remain free for cars containing four people or more to encourage car-pooling which alleviates strains on the environment as well as traffic snarls.  The new parking procedures also will open up more space for disabled parking, for which we’ve gotten requests over the years.  These procedures, while new to the Isotopes, are merely a continuation of the policy started by UNM in September 2009.  The fees go directly toward improvements to the entire Sports Complex area, which will lead to greater convenience and better safety as well as contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the entire area.  These improvements will manifest themselves in replacing worn and cracked parking surfaces, add more parking lot lighting, and eventually create UNM residential as well as even possibly commercial property in the not-to-distant future.  


As many of you know, the Isotopes have always been a fan-first organization and this decision was not entered into lightly, but with consultation with our partners UNM, it became apparent that this was needed to establish a long-term solution to parking issues throughout the Sports Complex.   Changes like these can be difficult at times to accept, but we’re confident that in the long-run fans will appreciate the improvements.    


We appreciate your understanding, and if you have any questions, please contact us at: (505) 924-2255 or info@albuquerquebaseball.com.


  1. aacree3@comcast.net

    So, if I attend a game solo you are increasing ticket prices by $5 by charging for parking. And you won’t guarantee that my care won’t be broken into while parked in the fee lot. How is that a good deal for fans?

  2. rsmath


    If you take the Isotopes word as truth, they won’t be seeing any of that $5 so it’s not a “ticket price increase”. Supposedly the fee goes to UNM so they can improve the parking lots (repave, add lighting, supposedly add security during events to patrol the cars, and most importantly remove valuable parking by building some fancy student residence area west of the Pit and taking away a lot of parking spaces within reasonable walking distance of Isotopes Park).

    I’ll wait and see – for me, it’s only about an addition $30 spread out through the season since I only attend about 6 games and I only attend with my dad since I don’t have enough family to make a carload of four. If the traffic flow in and out of the parking lots and the quality of the pavement is better so I don’t have to be clumsy to avoid tripping over large cracks in the dark, it’s worth it to me.

    If it’s the same ol ____ parking lots at the end of the 2010 season as in the past seasons, I should do some research on how many AAA teams charge for parking and call out the Isotopes on their policy and how the money isn’t making a difference in parking lot quality and appears to be a UNM money grab to make up for the stinky football team lost revenue.

    I”m certainly waiting with baited breath to see the final Isotope attendance figures of 2010 to see if the $5 parking fee makes most people still feel there is “entertainment value” or if it’s a turnoff enough that people won’t attend as many games.

  3. nm_rockhound@yahoo.com

    As a resident of New Mexico, shouldn’t our tax dollars be paying for improving these parking lots anyways? This is just another ploy to milk us for all we have. I, unlike other people, do attend a lot of Isotopes games so it’s not like I’m worried about paying $25-40 per season to park. I usually attend about 15-25 games each season, most of which by myself. It’ll be very interesting to see what the attendence will be for 2010 with this parking fee in place. The attendence has never dropped below 560,000 in the 7 years the Isotopes have been in Albuquerque but I think 2010 will have the lowest attendence ever seen. I know I’ll be one of the few who will stop going to the games often. And I think one of the reasons why the Isotopes has had high attendence records in the previous years is because of the free parking. I don’t think that the money will go toward added security. That’s a way for the organization to give the public a warm & fuzzy feeling inside that everything will be ok when you get back to your car.

  4. newmexicofan

    The extra $5 dollars per game is going to keep many people away. I am a season ticket holder and even adding another $175 to the total of my two seats is going to put another dent in my pocket book!
    I have a close friend who is retired and lives on a fixed income who told me that instead of attending 20 game this season he is only going to make about five.

  5. dickfizzz@aol.com

    This is another scam by the Isotopes. They gave $2 million back to the city last year. You think they could afford to repave the parking lots with some of that money!! Now they have scammed the fans with a couple of overpriced major league exhibition games that the teams won’t care about, so they won’t play like it counts. Hey John Traub, I have and will never pay for another Isotope game since you ripped me off from the Isotopes/Marlins game. How do you like that grudge?!

  6. rsmath

    get over your grudge.

    The $2 million dollar payment each season is contractual – it’s the Isotopes’ lease payment plus the portion of ticket fees, concessions and souvenirs that the Isotopes are contracted to pay the City of Albuquerque. It’s not like the Isotopes are giving the city $2M for the heck of it.

    If the Isotopes didn’t have that contractual measure, I’m sure it would have gone to whatever improvements are needed to the stadium and the remainder into the pockets of the investors.

    As for Major League weekend, I highly doubt the Isotopes are making much money from it. With major leaguers comes more expenses to bring them to town and have them play at the park, thus a higher ticket fee than for a normal Isotopes game.

    The lots belong to UNM so they are getting the parking fees. Let’s hope UNM puts the money to use to improve the lots (lighting, pavement, security cameras or more patrols, etc) rather than having Isotopes fans have to fund UNM for their stinky football team lost revenues or to pay for the fancy residence areas and Pit renovation. If it’s a money grab by UNM for those things, then UNM should jack up the parking and ticket fees for football, basketball and tuition to take care of that stuff and not have the Isotopes fans have to pay for something that doesn’t improve the Isotopes game experience.

  7. hitoneforme

    As a season ticket holder I go to most of the games. I have noticed that the attendance has been down for each of the games I attended this first week of the season. At first I thought maybe it was the wind, but I am now guessing it’s the parking. $5 is alot to pay for parking for a minor league game. However, they charge $5 to park at the Sky Sox games also, so we are probably not alone in this regard. Last year I parked at the CNM lot, but according to the Isotopes administration, CNM lots are no longer available. Does anyone know if this is a fact?

  8. robpagek@hotmail.com

    The trend of raising parking fees at ball games seems to be happening all over. Growing up in L.A., I’ve seen a steady increase in parking fees. Now Dodger fans have to pay $15.00 just to park. So I’m not surprised about $5.00 fees for Isotopes fans. I mean, did you really think parking at Isotopes games would remain free? Let’s face it; everybody’s milking the dollar during tough economic times, and now Isotopes fans are paying the price.

  9. geraldderec@gmail.com

    I like the incentive to carpool, its a great idea taken from University rules, which usually favor the for-profit establishment of the dollar-seeking big-business education system that has developed in the US.
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  12. tionseo@hotmail.com

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  14. xohajulian@hotmail.com

    Researchers and visitors will continue to be able to park in the garage during public access hours and will still be required to present valid Federal or state issued photographic identification to the security officer on duty. The parking is on a first come, first serve basis and the number of spaces is limited.

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  15. jamesconner11@hotmail.com

    There is also valet parking being offered on Second and Fourth Streets. Those with handicapped placards or plates have to pay the same fees as others for that service according to Patterson. At the end of August, the City will meet with Macerich to evaluate the mall?s valet parking program.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, @ cell phone spyware @

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