On The Road With the Isotopes… To Memphis (Day Two)

A good night’s sleep and a 35 minute morning run along the Mississippi River has finally shaken off any lingering effects of the travel day and the Isotopes and I are both loaded for bear as we embark on Day Two of our four-game roadtrip in Memphis.  The team had an optional workout at the gym, which is right down the street at 10:00 AM followed by lunch. With the hotel downtown, lunch options aboud, so essentially the team scattered before having to be to the ballpark in time for stretch at 4:00 PM. 

At the ballpark, one of the two main topics of conversation was the call-up of shortstop Nick Green to the Dodgers, replacing Rafael Furcal, who was placed on the DL with a strained left hamstring.  Dwarfing that topic, however, as far as the Isotopes were concerned, was the story of the kid in Philadelphia who ran onto the field at a Phillies game and got tased (Click here for the video), further cementing the sterling reputation of both Philadelphia sports fans and Philadelphia police officers. (Here is a hilarious piece The Daily Show did on Philly and New York sports fans during last year’s World Series)  

Instead of tasers, it was brought up by some of the Isotopes that unleashing a wild animal might be an effective deterrent for those that are of the mind to run out onto the field at Isotopes Park  (Law-enforcement meets Gladiator).  On a totally unrelated note, if anybody knows where to get a couple of blood-thirsty tigers on the cheap, please contact the ‘Topes front office.

All in all, spirits are high on the team.  In addition to the crack of the bat, BP was filled with laughter as players were joking with each other around the cage.  It’s amazing how BP can sometimes be an indicator of how a guy is going to swing it in the game.  Jay Gibbons, for example, was blistering the ball in batting practice and sure enough, delivered a two-run homer in the game. 

BP 1.jpg     
Thumbnail image for Isotopes Clubhouse.jpg 
Pre-game Show with Link.jpg

Taco Night.jpg

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