Behind the Scenes: Media Day

Of course Media Day can’t be as simple as taking headshot pictures and answering a few questions for interviews. Not when it’s 20 and 30-year-olds fresh out of spring training.

With a behind the scenes look at everything that happened on Tuesday, here’s a selection of some of the more entertaining aspects of Media Day in the Isotopes’ clubhouse:

*First round of interviews, a young looking reporter sits down with Scott Van Slyke

Reporter: I’m somewhat new at this, what do you want to talk about?
Van Slyke: What do you mean?
Reporter: Let’s talk about whatever you want to.
Van Slyke: OK, let’s talk about you; Where did you go to college? What courses did you take? How old are you? How did you get this job?
Reporter: Oh you turned the tables on me.
Van Slyke: You asked for it

*Asking silly personal questions for the outfield screen between innings

Staff: What’s your favorite color?
John Ely: (Sarcastically) Man, these questions are hard.

*Walking into a room with different staff members for more pictures

Staff: Be mean to these guys, they deserve it
Alex Castellanos: What’s up jerks… I didn’t mean that, he just told me to be mean

*During a TV interview

Reporter: Is it true chicks dig the long ball
John Ely: I couldn’t tell you from personal experience

*More interviews with Scott Van Slyke

Staff: What’s your favorite color?
Van Slyke (A UNC fan): Carolina Blue
Staff: Ugh
Van Slyke: I’m sorry
Staff: I graduated from NC State
Van Slyke: I’m sorry

*More questions for the outfield screen between innings

Staff: If you weren’t a baseball player, what would you be?
Brent Leach: If you weren’t doing your job what would you be?
Staff: I’d be a baseball player — or retired.

After keeping up with these guys for a few hours, I choose retired.

'Topes locker room near the end of Media Day

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