Topes Spring Slate Set

One of the surest signs that spring is on the way, other than the howling New Mexico winds that seem to kick up dust from the Mesozoic Era, is the release of the Isotopes’ Spring Training Schedule (for a printable version of the entire 15-game schedule, click here). 

If you’ve never been to Spring Training, it’s definitely worth the trip, and if you’ve never been to see the Minor League side during Spring Training, it’s really a great experience.  Every Spring Training complex, be it in Arizona or Florida, is equipped with seemingly endless clusters of baseball diamonds that sprawl out from the main stadium.  On these back fields is where the Minor League teams play, and going there makes you feel like you’ve traveled back in time.  Each field usually has a small set of metal bleachers set up on either baseline and the proximity of each field to one another allows you view a Triple-A game for a couple of innings and then take in a couple frames of Double-A action simply by turning around.  It really harkens back to the days before Spring Training itself became a multi-million dollar enterprise and the atmosphere is extremely casual and relaxed.  Of course, you’re never too far from the main stadium, so you can watch some Minor League games before heading over to see the Big League club in action.  The whole set-up is truly a baseball lover’s paradise.  

Of course, this spring is extremely special because it is the ‘Topes’ first Spring Training back with the Dodgers and the Isotopes get to help the Dodgers christen their brand new training facility in Glendale, Arizona– Camelback Ranch.  From looking at photos, it’s going to be first class, so it’s definitely worth a trip down in March to see the Dodgers and the ‘Topes. Plus, it’s now an extremely manageable six hour drive.   

Here in Albuquerque, we’re coming up on a big week at Isotopes Park.  Next Wednesday, we will formally introduce our manager Tim Wallach to the media (and Isotopes fans throughout the area) with a press conference and on Saturday, Feburary 7, the Isotopes and Ovations Food Service will be holding their annual job fair.  More on those next week.   Until then, hold on to your hats and keep checking and the ‘Topes Tattler for all the Isotopes news you can use!     



    • 'Topes Tattler

      Look for the new jerseys to be on sale in the pro shop by Opening Day, April 9. In the meantime, the new blue Isotopes hats (Dodger blue hat with white Isotopes “A” on the front) that will also be worn on Sundays are available right now in the Isotopes Pro Shop-


    I know that this is just a tad bit off subject, but why isn’t anyone allowed in the park during batting practice? Major league ballparks let fans in early for BP, but why not Isotopes Park?

  2. newmexicofan

    I always wounder the same about batting practice. I am a season ticket holder and would like to see som BP.

    • 'Topes Tattler

      The BP issue is one that has been bandied about for the last few years, actually. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as simply opening the gates and letting people in. The concession stand workers, security personnel, ticket takers, and ushers all have to be in place and ready to go when people are admitted to the park. Since ‘Topes BP ends at 5:15 for a 7:05 game, it can be challenge to get the required people in place that early. As it stands now, fans that arrive when the gates open do get a chance to see the last quarter of the visitor’s BP. All that being said, though, we’re considering opening the gates early as a perk for season ticket holders on certain select games. We’ll keep you posted.

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