Greetings from Indianapolis

Well, the Isotopes contingent has arrived in Indianapolis ready to begin the 2009 Baseball Winter Meetings, which will kick off tomorrow with an annual awards luncheon.  In fact, Isotopes slugger Mitch Jones will be receiving the Joe Bauman Award for hitting the most homers in Minor League Baseball at this year’s event. 

Since this is one of probably a million blogs on the Winter Meetings we will be doing things a little bit differently in an effort to inform and entertain. 

First and foremost, this will be the only blog during the Winter Meetings that will feature a soundtrack.  Each entry will have a link to a song that hopefully will enhance your blog-reading experience. 

So, in honor of our arrival in the Hoosier State, please enjoy Indiana’s native son John Cougar Mellencamp’s magnum opus Pink Houses(This is a link to the Pop-Up Video version of the song, which is full of great tidbits.  For example, did you know that Mellencamp and David Lee Roth are from the same Indiana town?  By the way, how great was Pop-Up Video?) Anyway, nothing sums up hard-scrabble Midwestern living quite like Pink Houses, and the video also incidentally features John Cougar Mellencamp’s other contribution to society – the feathered mullet. 

Now that there’s a song in your heart, I’ll tell you a little bit about Indianapolis.  Evidently, Siberia was booked this year so the organizers of the Baseball Winter Meetings elected to hold the meetings in the next coldest place.  Currently, it’s about 25 degrees and we are not expected to see the sun once during our five days here. Makes you really appreciate winter in New Mexico, where even if it gets cold, the odds are still pretty good you won’t go a week without seeing the sun. 

The actual meetings are being held at the Indianapolis Convention Center which is linked to Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Colts, right smack dab in the middle of downtown.  Not only are the convention center and the stadium linked by an indoor walkway, most of the hotels that surround the convention center are similarly linked, much like those hamster towns you can buy at Petsmart.  So, while it’s going to be cold, we can spend the week traveling from building to building without going outside at all. 

Downtown Indy seems clean and nice, with a lot of bars and restaurants.  Unfortunately, there are no indoor walkways to these establishments, so you have to weigh your interest in leaving the hotel – convention center causeway against the fear of frostbite. 

Anyway, it’s good to be here and it should be a fun week renewing acquaintances.  Again, we’ll be blogging throughout the meetings so check back here often!  

One player signing to report.  Outfielder Dee Brown, who was a fan favorite for the ‘Topes last year, has signed with the Winnipeg Goldeneyes of the Independent Northern League.  We’ll certainly miss him.  In addition to being a great player, Dee is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.        


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