Bagged Me A Homer

First, let’s cue the music.  For this installment, we’re going to play Bagged Me A Homer by Lurleen Lumpkin.  Longtime fans of The Simpsons will remember the episode in the third season when Homer became the manager of Lurleen, much to Marge’s dismay, and helped guide her to country music stardom.  Anyway, it’s a fitting tune because at today’s annual awards luncheon, ‘Topes slugger Mitch Jones was officially awarded the Joe Bauman Award for hitting the most home runs in Minor League Baseball.   

Jones Trophycrop.jpg

As you can see, in addition to the $200 he received for each of his 35 home runs ($7,000 total!), Mitch got a handsome trophy that he can also use to serve punch out of at the next Jones family get-together. 

In all seriousness, it’s a pretty impressive achievement to lead all of Minor League Baseball in home runs and it’s even more amazing when you consider he missed nearly a month while making his Major League debut with the Dodgers.  His exploits certainly gave ‘Topes fans a thrill and he’s a great guy and great family man in addition to being a terrific player. 

Jones has not signed with anybody yet and is still entertaining offers from a number of clubs.  Here’s hoping that next spring Mitch is hitting home runs out of a Big League ballpark instead of The Lab.     

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