Calm Before the Storm?

This installment’s music interlude will be provided by the song Graveyard Shift by the seminal band Uncle Tupelo. Perhaps no band in history has been as influential yet remains largely anonymous to most except die-hard music fans.  In the middle of the grunge wave of the early 90s, Uncle Tupelo burst onto the scene combining punk rock and country, creating an entire genre.  After the group’s acrimonious break-up in 1994, two other great bands were formed in Son Volt and Wilco.  

Unlike the raucous songs of Uncle Tupelo, the 2009 Baseball Winter Meetings have started very quietly.  So far, the only big move is Brad Penny signing with the Cardinals, while the fates of players like Matt Holliday, John Lackey, and Roy Halladay remain unknown.  It will also be interesting what action (if any) the Dodgers take this Winter Meetings.  While it’s quiet now, no doubt things will heat up as the Meetings continue. 

Other than baseball, a topic drawing hot debate among travelers to Indy is who is the bigger sports legend in the state of Indiana, Larry Bird or Peyton Manning?  It’s an interesting comparison. Bird of course grew up in the state and became one of the best to ever play the game of basketball, which is more religion than sport in the Hoosier State.  Even though Bird played professionally in Boston, he came back to run the state’s NBA team, further cementing his legend here.  You’d be surprised, though, how close Manning is to Bird’s popularity, despite the fact he is not a native Indianan.  Maybe it’s because we’re in the middle of football season, but there are Manning jerseys everywhere.  In fact, I’m convinced Manning could run for governor as part of the communist party and win in a landslide. 

One correction to pass along.  Morden1399 astutely pointed out that our news a couple days ago on Dee Brown signing with Winnipeg was not in fact the same Dee Brown that played in Albuquerque last year.  After some further checking, he is absolutely correct, and our Dee Brown has not signed with anyone yet this off-season, so we’re holding out hope that he’ll be back in the Querq in 2010.  Thanks for having our back on this, Morden!   

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    Hey, no problem guys. I have to keep track of these things, since I just started as the Isotopes blogger over at I’ve got some stories up on the site about recent personnel moves and some of the top 10 prospects (as ranked by Baseball America) who could play in ABQ this season.

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